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Safety and Cleaning Protocol

With the advent of the coronavirus (covid-19) we have decided to further improve our cleaning and safety procedures as well as including the cleaning protocol “Clean & Safe” recommendations created by the Portuguese Health Ministry.

  • We have an internal health procedure both for our office and properties, this includes following the general health precautions with hand cleaning, social distancing and health monitoring.
  • We also inform our clients about these precautions as well as request their cooperation to keep them safe as well as our office staff.
  • On bookings we strive to not book same day arrivals and departures so as to give enough time to properly clean and air the house between clients.
  • We clean and disinfect our office multiple times a day with a emphasis on the most used areas and objects.
  • We strive to rotate staff working in the office as well as keep the remaining staff working from home.
  • If there is a need (vacation, returning from another country, suspected cases) we provide to all our staff free covid tests both quick and lab tests.
  • For our properties we request our clients to not be in the property when its time to be cleaned, this helps both parties be safe and work safely.
  • Besides our standard professional cleaning, we also make sure to air the house and clean using disinfecting products as well as make sure to disinfect most used surfaces.
  • We also will try to favor a wet cleaning and avoid if possible vacuums especially if its not a cleaning between clients.
  • For laundry we take extra care to fold the dirty laundry as not push particles into the air,
  • All the laundry is done at 60ºC or if at a lower temperature we will use disinfecting detergent.
  • All our employees will use personal protection equipment when required.

The Clean & Safe Protocol Includes

  • All the staff receives proper training and information on the current outbreak, including basic precautions to take both working and at home, including self checks and recommendations from the Ministry of Health.
  • We inform all our clients both home owners and rental clients about our internal rules and procedures as well as basic precautions to keep everyone safe.
  • We have procedures in place to isolate suspected cases as well as provide all the necessary monitoring and assisting, as well as further disinfecting.
  • All surfaces and contacts are disinfected as well as common objects and surfaces are also cleaned regularly, all enclosed spaces, office and properties are regularly aired, as well as insure that swimming pools and jacuzzi are properly maintained and chlorinated.
  • We provide Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) to all employees as well as for any client that requires it, we provide in all the entrances both alcohol based dispensers, masks and shielding, as well as keep only 1 clients indoors at all time.
  • We monitor the temperature of all the staff several times a day.
  • The cleaning of houses is phased in 2 specific stages, the first is airing the house followed by removing carefully the linen and all trash and then cleaning the house always with adequate protection, the removal is done without shaking and avoiding body contact and the washing is done normally at about 60ºC, then the second stage is disinfecting most surfaces in the house, with special regard to the most used objects and surfaces.

This page was last updated on May 2021, and we will update it if there are changes to our cleaning protocols for our office and properties.

For more information this is the official information on the “Clean & Safe” protocol page.

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