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Adopt a New Pet

The Lagos City Hall, has been struggling for quite some time now with its kennel, so it has decided to start a campaign of adoptions called “Ganhe um Novo Amigo” (translated: Win a New Friend), in hopes that a lot of the current residents of the kennel can find a[…]

Two New Houses

Summer bookings are coming strong so we are adding two brand new houses to meet with the demand, both we are featuring on the main page, both have been renovated and are looking beautiful, first is Villa Almarsa, located in the slope of Praia da Luz, so it has a[…]

Iceland Volcano Ash Cloud

Well with the Iceland Volcano Ash Cloud a lot of people are stranded throughout Europe, the same goes here, as some of our clients are unable to take a flight back home as well as some clients are unable to take a flight for their holidays in Praia da Luz[…]

IX Feira do Folar e da Gastronomia Local

In the Cultural Center of Barão de São João in the 3rd and 4th of April, between 3pm and midnight, you can enjoy your easter weekend by visiting the 9th local easter fare, that has local craftsmanship as well as local dishes and the traditional easter sweet, the folar (its[…]

Madeira Island Disaster

A sudden flash-flood hit the Portuguese Madeira Island last weekend, as of now 42 people passed away, there are still people missing and there are more than 1.3 billion euros in damage, although there are good news with both the Portuguese Government as well as the regional Government and all[…]

How To Book a Cheap Flight

So now that you have booked your holidays with us, you need some plane tickets, whats the best and cheapest way to go about this, to score some cheap tickets? First make sure you go look for tickets as soon as possible, the sooner the better, since although you might[…]

Risks of an Unoccupied Property

So why is it risky to just “lock and leave” your vacation home? Well a property can be left unoccupied for a variety of reasons, such as resale, refurbishment or extended leave of the owners. However unlike a normally occupied home you should have extra care, there is a reason[…]

8 Reasons Why You Should Book Early

here are plenty of reasons to book your holiday early with Luz Holidays, some are more obvious than others, but these tend to be the rule not only for us, but for any holiday trip you will make, here are some of the best points: Early Booking Discounts, although sometimes[…]

Haiti Relief Effort

With the horrible earthquake and humanitarian disaster in Haiti, we decided to make a post about how you can help a little bit and what resources are online for information about this 7.0 earthquake and the aftermath. A really good source of information is Google with their dedicated <a href=”http://www.google.com/relief/haitiearthquake/”[…]