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Why Book a Praia da Luz Holiday with Us?

If you want a self catering vacation home there is plenty to choose in Praia da Luz, Burgau and Lagos, so why choose Luz Holidays to book you holiday in Praia da Luz?

We Manage the Rental Properties – Well one of the most important aspects is that we manage the properties that we rent, we are not a middleman or a agent like many sites, we are not a platform, so when you book with us, we are the ones that will provide support and make sure the house is in perfect condition and that you will have an amazing vacation in the sun.

We Can Get you the Holiday Home you Want – Lots of properties are booked all year round and hardly have availability, but since we manage the properties we know when they are available and when properties are open for booking, if you book with us you will be the first to know if the property you love and want to return is available and be able to book before anyone else.

We Recommend More Holiday Homes – You don’t even need to choose a holiday home, just send us your dates, number of guests and features that you want (like near the beach, parking, fiber internet, cable tv, private pool, animal friendly) and we will recommend holidays homes just for you.

We Always have the Lowest Price – Also because we are not a intermediary, we will always have the best price, if you book with agents and platforms, they will take a percentage of the booking up to 20%, so you are paying extra for your stay while getting the exact same service that is provided by us, its the same as hotels, check a hotel in and then go to that hotel website, the price will be the same or most likely lower because on the hotel website they don’t have to pay the cost of

We Are More Flexible – Although like any other holiday booking we have some rules to follow, we are not a platform with a ton of rules in small text, our goal is to provide you with an amazing holiday not to get 20%, so whenever it is possible we try and accommodate and even negotiate with the owner to make improvements to your stay.

We are Here – Unlike agents and platforms we are here in Praia da Luz, we have a open office from Monday to Saturday, if you need to print forms, if you need to receive a package, if you want to book a safari, boat, waterpark, if you have questions or need advice, if you get hurt or into trouble, we are here to help.

So what are you waiting for? You can contact us or visit our office. Or view our holiday homes in Luz.

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