Praia da Luz Holidays


Why Book a Praia da Luz Holiday with Us?

If you want a self catering vacation home there is plenty to choose in Praia da Luz, Burgau and Lagos, so why choose Luz Holidays to book you holiday in Praia da Luz? We Manage the Rental Properties – Well one of the most important aspects is that we manage[…]

Book your September Holiday in Luz

August is almost over, but September is one of the best times to come for a holiday in Praia da Luz, the weather is great and all the shops and restaurants are open, so you can enjoy all that Luz and Lagos have to offer, but without the crowds, really[…]

New Covid Rules For Holiday Accommodations in Portugal

We waited a couple of weeks to make this article, both to clarify the rules and see them in action with clients and so have a more clear idea of the possible issues and best practices. Since 10th of July 2021 to enter your holiday home in Portugal and of[…]

Where to get a Covid Test in Praia da Luz

We have had a lot of questions regarding Covid testing for everyone visiting Praia da Luz for holidays, so here is the information you need and our recommendations. First you will need to get the information of what type of tests and what timings do you need both to travel[…]

Improvements on Health and Safety

After the Covid pandemic hit, we took immediate action to both protect our staff and our clients, we improved much of our already excellent cleaning and health procedures, we already have a big advantage since we employ our own cleaning staff and run our own laundry service, so we can[…]

Happy Easter from Praia da Luz

Happy Easter, we are having a lovely day in Praia da Luz and we wish to everyone a lovely Easter weekend. On some news, everything is good in Praia da Luz, we are slowly leaving the lock-down and both the front and beach have reopen, the current plan is for[…]

Portugal is Considered Safe to Travel by Great Britain

Good news, Portugal has been included in the UK’s list of safe places to travel and as part of that list all travelers returning to the UK from a vacation in Portugal will not need to do a mandatory 14 day quarantine, this is indeed great news, not only for[…]

New Rules for the Usage of the Beach in Luz

There are new rules to use on the beach in Luz as well as any beach in Portugal, these are there to keep everyone safe: Minimal distance of 1.5 meters between people/groups There will be a light of flag system that tells you the occupation of the beach, so green[…]

The Office has Reopen

This is a quick update on our office and Praia da Luz, after the mandatory quarantine for the Coronavirus here in Portugal we are now again open for business we will start just open in the mornings and next month we will be open as usual, there are still some[…]