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Portugal is Considered Safe to Travel by Great Britain

Good news, Portugal has been included in the UK’s list of safe places to travel and as part of that list all travelers returning to the UK from a vacation in Portugal will not need to do a mandatory 14 day quarantine, this is indeed great news, not only for tourism but for the thousands of Portuguese living in the UK and the thousands of British nationals living in Portugal, also its a clear sign that in Portugal we are taking all the precautions to keep everyone safe, its not perfect and we advise everyone to check if there are outbreaks in a region in Portugal and to always take the recommended precautions, like social distancing, using a mask in closed spaces and washing your hands or disinfecting them whenever possible.

For Oubreaks and Current Covid Situation in Portugal you can check the link, especially the box that says “Casos por Concelho” that is a report of the current new cases showing up, this is a weekly report unless there is a huge outbreak, so the darker it gets the more new cases are showing up.

For UK’s current Travel Safety and Information for Portugal, you can check the link.

Be smart and be safe!

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