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Easter Feels Like Summer

Happy Easter! :D For everyone that is enjoying their Easter in Praia da Luz, this year we are having some awesome weather, it feels almost like Summer :) if this is whats coming, then Summer will be awesome! Also if you are around the neighborhood, next door in Barão de[…]

August Festivities in Praia da Luz

August is always the big month here in Praia da Luz, but this year we have some new parties, starting today! Throughout this whole month there will street parties with lots of fun, games, sports, dancing, live music shows and of course lots of typical food and drinks. These will[…]

Our Brand New Luz Holidays

6 years after our last major re-design, we are proud to welcome you to a brand new LuzHolidays, just in time for the 2014 Summer Holidays in Luz! So here are some of the changes and improvements from our previous website: Fresh New Design – Bigger, Faster, Cleaner! We chose[…]

Christmas in Praia da Luz

Christmas is in full force in Praia da Luz, the lights are up in the Church, and as every year we have a blast celebrating in Luz and around Lagos, here are some highlights: In Praia da Luz we will have the customary celebrations around the Church, the nativity scene[…]

Traditional Festivities in Praia da Luz

This year in Vila da Luz we are starting out the Summer with some sweets, some dancing and some fun! We are having some traditional saints festivities in Praia da Luz, near the Church, you can expect traditional music, lots of drinks and eats, come join us, its from the[…]

Praia da Luz with Water Gold Standard

Right on time for Summer, Praia da Luz was awarded yet again the Water Gold Standard from Quercus (Portuguese Nature Conservation Society), to be given this standard it has to have had at least 5 straight years of good water quality, and the last 3 years it has to have[…]

Easter in Luz and Lagos

Ah March arrives and i start craving folares and cheese, by the way folar is a traditional sweet (although since this is Portugal there are all kinds of versions, including salty or with meats like ham or linguiça) bread baked in portugal for easter, traditionaly its also baked with an[…]

Praia da Luz one of the Best Beaches in Portugal!

That Praia da Luz is one of the best in Portugal we already know this, but it’s nice to receive some recognition from time to time, so its was with some pride that we see the news that Praia da Luz was ranked number 9 for Best Beach in Portugal[…]