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Praia da Luz Holiday Last Minute Deals

Ah its Summer time, lots of parties, loads of sunshine and good times in the beaches, so here in Luzholidays the summer bookings have been going pretty good this year (as is the weather by the way), but as always there are dates that cant be booked easily, clients that stay for 2 weeks and a half or weekend clients or 9 days, so this year with the new site we decided to create a section for those villas, apartments, cottages that still have available dates or just properties we got a especial discount price to offer, for last minute holidays or just better dates.

You can visit the Holiday Deals Section to check all the properties, we have some lovely villas like Villa Acácias 16, Casa Dow and much more properties for last minute vacations at much better prices, and as always you can just inquiry for any property and we will give you alternatives including the ones with lower prices, for your dates.

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