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8 Reasons Why You Should Book Early

here are plenty of reasons to book your holiday early with Luz Holidays, some are more obvious than others, but these tend to be the rule not only for us, but for any holiday trip you will make, here are some of the best points:

  1. Early Booking Discounts, although sometimes you can get some savings on a last minute booking, 90% of the time its booking early that will get the best price, last minute is when most properties are already booked, so the price will go up, because there will be a greater demand;
  2. Property Availability, a big part of our booking comes from recurring clients that book from year to year (recurring clients have preference on bookings), so from the start there are already several bookings made and not all properties are available for all the days you want, so booking early is a good way for you to find and get the holiday property you want, more choice means the holiday you want and not the holiday you can get;
  3. Extras Availability, even though most extras like golf and excursions and other holiday activities are not affected by availability, some are, like car hire and holiday extras, so booking early avoids not having available some services that are limited;
  4. Book Now Pay Later, most companies including Luz Holidays requires a deposit to make the reservation, however you will only fully pay for the holiday later, on or near the date of arrival;
  5. Locked Price, after booking is done the price is locked so whatever happens you know exactly how much you will pay;
  6. Cheaper Flights, yes its true, the same way as booking a property, booking your flight will make it cheaper, will also get the times and days that are more comfortable for you and the seats you want, so that’s a big saving in your pocket and to your holiday schedule;
  7. Planning, because you book early you have time to do some research on your destination, what to expect what you should pack, regarding Luz Holidays, we are always available if you have any questions;
  8. Peace of Mind, this one is a no-brainer (sorry for the easy pun), but by booking early you can relax and know that you and your family will have an awesome holiday, that’s the whole point of a holiday, to take some time-out, to relax, have some fun and recharge your batteries.

As a final note, and in contrast with this post, well you can sometimes get pretty good last minute holidays, even with Luz Holidays, there is always some days available in a property or a late cancellation, but the benefits of a early booking largely outweigh the luck of a last minute booking.

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