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August Festivities in Praia da Luz

August is always the big month here in Praia da Luz, but this year we have some new parties, starting today! Throughout this whole month there will street parties with lots of fun, games, sports, dancing, live music shows and of course lots of typical food and drinks. These will all take place on the beachfront, just down from the church. Here are the dates:

Festa do Mar

From the 7th August (today) to the 10th August, next to the church. Starts everyday at about 6 p.m., with live music until 2 a.m., and also fireworks on the last day!

Festa do Turista

From the 14th August to the 19th August, again next to the church. Starts everyday at about 6 p.m. There will be live music of a more traditional nature, like “Fado” and it will also end with fireworks on the last day.

Banho do 29

As the name itself says, this will take place on the 29th August. This is a traditional beach party that takes place every year. There will be live music and of course everyone has to have a quick dip in the sea at midnight, so you will be blessed for the following year!

That’s all for August. Here at Luz Holidays we wish everyone a happy summer filled with lots of fun!

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