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Christmas in Praia da Luz

Christmas is in full force in Praia da Luz, the lights are up in the Church, and as every year we have a blast celebrating in Luz and around Lagos, here are some highlights:

  • In Praia da Luz we will have the customary celebrations around the Church, the nativity scene is up, plenty of super bright Christmas lights and of course the Christmas day mass.
  • There is the Natalândia in the Lagos Zoo, Its a Christmas revamp of the Zoo, with plenty of fun new things especially for children, ohh and of course the huge diversity of the wonderful animals that live there, more about the Lagos Zoo here.
  • There is a awesome animated Nativity Scene in Lagos, created by José Cortes, its available until the 13th of December in Rua 5 de Outubro, n.º 18 in Lagos.
  • On the 18,21 and 28 of December, we have children’s Cinema on the Biblioteca Municipal (Sala Polivalente) in Lagos (Lagos Library).
  • From 16 December to 8 January in the historical center of Lagos there is everyday a event from 15h00, as well as the traditional book fair, so lots of Shopping and Fun!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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