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Fuel Strike in Portugal

This is something everyone in Portugal was waiting to see if it would happen or not, it did… again… like in April this year we have yet again a fuel delivery strike, it started yesterday and there is no deadline for it to end, the Government has stipulated minimum services, so there are some restrictions on how much fuel you can put in your car depending on the petrol station, there might also be some restriction on some services, but the main services, airports, security, transportation, emergency services all should run with little problems.

However if you rented or have a car you can check this site to know what stations have fuel and what don’t have, please note that if a petrol station is a REPA that means its a emergency station and it will (we hope) always have petrol but you can only put 15 litters at a time, all other petrol stations you can fill 25 litters at a time but these might have fuel or not, therefore the site is a good tool to help you.

Besides that we recommend that you try and avoid you car for now, especially long or multiple trips, besides that we wish you all a fantastic stay in Portugal and especially here in Luz and lets see if all of this gets settled quickly.

UPDATE: After about a week the strike was called off and we are back to normal, glad that it didn’t last for too long, happy holidays to everyone!

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