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How To Book a Cheap Flight

So now that you have booked your holidays with us, you need some plane tickets, whats the best and cheapest way to go about this, to score some cheap tickets?

  1. First make sure you go look for tickets as soon as possible, the sooner the better, since although you might find some really cheap lastminute tickets, most of the times the cheapest is to book as soon as possible, at least 2 weeks, better would be 1 or 2 months before, do make use of sales and discounts, they have a tendency to appear around 3 to 5 weeks before the flight.
  2. Try and be flexible about dates and times of the day, the more flexible the better the price, sometimes it isn’t possible to predict beforehand, so a good rule of thumb is going for mid week (Wednesday) and early morning (or overnight) flights for the best price, since most people book for flights between Friday and Monday at mid day.
  3. Now when you know more or less what you want, its time to search, first you should go for the cheap flight aggregators (sites that check multiple airlines and discount sites), here are the best, in no particular order:
    > Kayak.com
    > Mobissimo.com
    > Yahoo.com Travel
    > Sidestep.com
    > Bing.com Travel
  4. So now that you have more or less the flights at the times you want and are the cheapest, just write them down and visit the website of the airline in the ticket, most of the times they will have discounts or promotions or are just a little cheaper in price, mostly because you are cutting the middleman.
  5. Finally you should check the low-cost airlines, oh? weren’t they checked above?, well yes and no, because of their business type, they change their prices constantly, so going to them directly is always a good idea, before finally booking, some of the most notable in Europe are:
    > Easyjet.com
    > Ryanair.com
    > Airberlin.com
    > Germanwings.com
  6. Then when you are booking the flight check the fine print, somethings are not mandatory, like insurance or added bags, so really only choose what you need and that’s it.

As a side-note for trips here to the Algarve and the Faro Airport, even though a regional airport it is already one of Europe’s leading low cost hub airports, so there is a lot of choice, so checking the Faro Airport or even their Wikipedia page will tell your all the airlines and destinations that come here, but since low-cost airlines are so prevalent on Faro Airport you can skip directly to point 5, still sometimes the standard airlines as well as the charter airlines will offer cheaper prices.

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