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New Rules for the Usage of the Beach in Luz

There are new rules to use on the beach in Luz as well as any beach in Portugal, these are there to keep everyone safe:

  • Minimal distance of 1.5 meters between people/groups
  • There will be a light of flag system that tells you the occupation of the beach, so green all good, yellow 2/3 occupied and red fully occupied.
  • If a beach is fully occupied you are not permitted to enter.
  • You can find the occupation of the beach on the beach itself but also on the APA website or through the app “Info Praia” on Android or IOS.
  • Also using the beach bars/restaurants you should put shoes and disinfect your hands.
  • When leaving the beach please take the garbage with you that includes cigarette buts and masks, deposit these on the nearest trash container.

Regarding sunshades there are restrictions on the distance and the rental time, but this will depend on the vendor at the beach, but its mostly you can only rent in the morning or afternoon and there is a total amount of people per shade.

There are also a lot of rules for the beach bars and restaurants and beach sellers, these are all there to keep you safe.

As a sidenote please check the occupation before arriving at the beach, these rules are there to protect you and everyone else, so going to a beach fully occupied is risking your and everyone’s health, thank you.

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