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Welcome to LuzHolidays

Welcome to the brand new LuzHolidays website, this post is on our brand new news/information section were we will post about Luz, Algarve and all our news, this is one of the new exciting functions we are adding with the new site, please bear with us, as some sections and pages are not complete and pictures might be missing, please contact us or just comment and we will get right on it.

These are some of the new things on LuzHolidays

  • Brand New Design, much more sunny and cheerful, just like were we live, hehehe.
  • Built on top of a CMS (Content Management System), so it will be easier and more efficient to add properties and to make it easier and nicer to find things.
  • Search!!!! yes, now you can search on the site
  • Automatic Translation, so instead of having the site in multiple languages, we now maintain the site in English and use automatic translation system (from Google, see <a href=””>Google Translate</a> ) to automatically translate the site to a lot of other languages, this does take time, but it will make the site much more accessible.

and a lot more good things to come, the site is nicer, quicker and easier than ever, any questions, problems or just anything else, please make a comment, thank you.


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