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Why Hire a Car with Us

Well we do realize there are a lot of car hire companies and as always some are better than others, but car hire is not just another service we offer, as always we want to give you a value added service, so by booking your holiday car through us you actually have several advantages that you might not get by going to another car hire that looks good on paper, such as:

  1. We take care of all the preliminary procedures and reserve your car for you;
  2. We only offer Car Hire with fully comprehensive Insurance Included;
  3. Our prices are All Inclusive, unlike with other Car Hire Services, you will never have nasty surprises with added or extra charges;
  4. We make sure you have your car waiting for you upon arrival, if there is a delay or cancellation on your flight you can rest assured that whenever you arrive, your car will be there for you;
  5. Baby Chairs, Boosters, Roof Racks are all available for free (just ask for it);
  6. We support Multiple Drivers, again with no extra charge, while with some car hire companies, you have to pay extra for more than one driver;
  7. No Age Limitation in Price, some car hire companies charge you more if you are under certain ages, we don’t;
  8. Rental Car Agencies stationed at Airports usually include more fees and taxes;
  9. As always you can contact us for help in any situation while you are in your holiday with us, so of course if you booked your car hire with us, we will be more able to help you with any problems you might have with your car hire.

You can book your car hire by contacting us, and get more info on our car hire page.

Note: Sorry, the car on the picture is not available for car hire :)

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