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The Office has Reopen

This is a quick update on our office and Praia da Luz, after the mandatory quarantine for the Coronavirus here in Portugal we are now again open for business we will start just open in the mornings and next month we will be open as usual, there are still some restrictions on the number of people inside the office as well as mandatory use of mask (don’t worry if you don’t have one, we will give you one).

As you may know even with this situation we didn’t stop working and made sure that both our clients and owners were taken care of, also we have added to our professional cleaning additional measures to disinfect better our office as well as all our properties and to keep everyone safe, you can see more details here.

Regarding Luz everything is good, we had a small scare with a illegal party near Lagos and some of the people there were from Luz and got infected, but the local health authorities controlled the situation and now everything is back to normal, besides this, there are some restrictions with the beach, you have to keep distance and there is a sign in the beach that tells you the capacity when the beach is full you shouldn’t go to the beach, also its mandatory to wear a mask in closed spaces, so please always carry one with yourself.

And that’s pretty much it, please be safe everyone, try and wear a mask if possible and follow the health recommendations.

Update: Sorry I wrote this and then forgot to publish on the page so this post is a bit delayed but i think its still relevant, so im publishing it now 3 months later.

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