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Petition Against the Closing of the Post Office in Praia da Luz

Unfortunately today we have some not so good news, the CTT, owners of the Post Office Service in Portugal have decided that they don’t want the Post Office here in Praia da Luz, they are now actively seeking an alternative since they have universal postal service obligations and a contract[…]

Portugal is Again Europe’s Leading Destination

For the second year in a row, Portugal won Europe’s Leading Destination award from the World Travel Awards 2018, besides that, Portugal also won 17 other awards including best island for Madeira Island and best city for Lisbon and several other awards for hotels and destinations, its is a wonderful[…]

Christmas Events in Lagos

As always Lagos, the town next door to Praia da Luz will have plenty of activities to celebrate Christmas, these will go from today the 1st of December until the 6th of January. So starting today there will be the coming of Father and Mother Christmas, this will be after[…]

Book Your Winter Holiday in Praia da Luz

This is November in Praia da Luz, as always we have great weather, so why not book your winter holiday to beautiful Luz, we have a couple of villas and apartments on offer, you can book for Christmas, New Year or a quick vacation over the Winter. The Winter in[…]

Time to Book your Christmas in Praia da Luz

This is Praia da Luz in São Martinho, sure sometimes we have a drizzle or a colder night, but its November and its 20ºC with some fluffy clouds, so why not have a different Christmas Holiday and book yourself a villa or apartment in Luz and have a cozy Christmas[…]

New Winter Lets in Praia da Luz

We have two brand new recently renovated properties available for Winter lets right now in Praia da Luz, both these villas are very interesting, one is a modern and secluded villa with private pool and the other is a renovated typical Luz townhouse very close to the beach, both are[…]

2018 Traditional Midnight Swim Party in Luz

Another year, another Midnight Swim Party in Praia da Luz, this traditional beach party happens every 29th of August, it was a tradition to take a swim at this time to give grace for a new year and to ward off all the bad things in life. As always there[…]

Praia da Luz Vacation Rental in July

With June drawing to a close, the weather is getting warmer so nothing like coming for a holiday in Praia da Luz, we still have a couple of vacancies in July, especially if you are flexible with your dates you can still get yourself a great holiday, also July tends[…]

June Party in Praia da Luz

Just a reminder that today is the last day of the June party here in Praia da Luz, near the Church, but we also have more parties coming up both in July, August and September, don’t miss them!