Praia da Luz Holidays


July Last Luz Holiday Opportunities

We still have some dates available to book your holiday in Praia da Luz,this is looking like a incredible summer in the Algarve with outstanding weather and we are just still in June, so here are some of our villas and apartments that have dates open in July, please note[…]

Summer 2016 Last Minute Holiday

This Summer is looking amazing in Praia da Luz! It’s quickly becoming one of the busiest Summers in recent years, so this year we have less properties available at the last minute, here are some that have our self-catering villas and apartments with still some dates available in July and[…]

Last Minute September Holiday in Praia da Luz

Wow what an August here in Praia da Luz, incredible and it ended really nice with our traditional bath of the 29 at midnight, still with August gone September is a great month for a quick holiday in Vila da Luz, great weather and a lot less confusion, so here[…]

Last Minute Holiday in August in Praia da Luz

Uff August is in full swing here in Praia da Luz, but as sometime happens we have a couple of openings left in August, but please inquire fast because at the time of posting, one of the proprieties that i was going to post was booked for the last week[…]

Latest Promotion on Holiday Villas around Luz

This Summer season is going great, June has been filled with plenty of guest, great weather and fun, and July and August is looking great as well, still as we we have some fully booked villas we still have some dates to fill, so check some of the properties that[…]

Quinta das Alagoas in Luz, Burgau

The Quinta das Alagoas is a fantastic holiday location that is now available on Luz Holidays, its a former XIV century fort and farm that was completely restored into a vacation organic farm, on the countryside between the beaches of Praia da Luz and Burgau, so you can enjoy the[…]

Time to Book your Holiday in Luz

Lately we have been having some excellent hot weather around Praia da Luz, it feels a bit like Summer is coming sooner, still if you are planning to come this Summer to Luz its best to book as early as possible! As of today we have already some villas fully[…]

Book your Winter Vila Today!

Summer is now over, so this is the best time to start booking accommodation for Winter and next Spring. Praia da Luz is amazing all year round and is a special place to spend your Christmas, New Year’s Eve, Easter or Carnival holidays. Whether you are coming for a long[…]

Praia da Luz Last Minute Deals

Summer is here! Another great year with lots of new villas, and we still have a couple of weeks available, so we are offering interesting last minute deals and discounts in July and August for theses self catering villas and apartments. Its an awesome opportunity to have a quick vacation[…]

Praia da Luz Holiday Last Minute Deals

Ah its Summer time, lots of parties, loads of sunshine and good times in the beaches, so here in Luzholidays the summer bookings have been going pretty good this year (as is the weather by the way), but as always there are dates that cant be booked easily, clients that[…]